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What are your rates?

Our current rate is $38.00 per phone hour. A phone hour consists of a representative at a computer workstation making, completing and documenting calls on your behalf. Training, management, reporting, email follow ups, and long distance phone charges are normally included at no extra charge. Typically a representative will complete approximately 15-25 dials per hour on a given project, but this number can vary significantly, depending on the quality of the list, and the length of the call. Representatives typically work less than 20 hours per week on a single project.


Will you work on commission?

Generally we work on a straight fee for services basis. However, for established clients we are willing to substitute some percentage of the fee for commissions based on performance. This is normally implemented after a minimum thirty day trial period, where both IMS and the client are able to get a feel for expected results.


Do you have a minimum fee?

We do not have a stated minimum fee. However if total billable hours for a project are less than fifty hours, there may be some additional charges imposed for management time.


How long does it take to get started on a project?

The answer to that question varies, depending on our existing schedule. As a general rule of thumb, about two weeks lead time is required, though more is always appreciated.


How do I receive my leads?

The majority of our clients prefer to receive their leads by daily email. This is normally handled as an attached file, such as Excel, or another commonly accepted format. Our system software is quite flexible, and allows us to set up our data entry templates according to your specific needs. Thus, we are able to export final data in a manner that allows you to easily re-import it into your own system, and begin using it quickly and effectively.


Or, we can work off your existing CRM system.

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