Why IMS?


IMS regularly handles a wide range of projects for a variety of B2B clients. These projects include:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Trade show follow up
  • Database development and list cleaning

The majority of our clients use our service to supplement an existing in-house sales department. This may be on an on-going regular basis, or for project work, such as following-up on trade show leads.


Typically, IMS acts as a front line attack, moving quickly through large lists, identifying prospects, processing information requests, answering questions, and forwarding qualified leads to the client.


The benefits of such a strategy are too significant to ignore:

  • Floods your sales department with a pipeline of ready-to-go sales leads.
  • Eliminates the frustration and boredom that usually accompanies in-house cold calling and prospecting, allowing your highly-paid, highly-trained sales reps to focus on what they do best: closing deals.
  • Allows management to focus on key accounts, and bigger picture issues, versus the myriad of tiny details associated with sales prospecting.
  • Significantly reduces in the need for sales administration and support personnel.


Case History


The following case history represents a typical IMS project.


Background: The client is a provider of dedicated high speed digital connections. Services include Full T-1's, Bonded T-1's, DS-3s and Server Co-location. Prospects include large and medium sized businesses in a specific geographic area. Average selling price for their base service is $12,000/yr.


Objectives: Find and qualify the best sales opportunities from a rented list of 10,000 prospects so that the small in-house sales force can focus on the best opportunities. Schedule call backs at a specified date/time, for those prospects that show the most potential.


Telemarketing program: After studying product literature, the IMS program development team met with client sales people and executives. Typical prospect organizations, ideal contact types, cold calling tactics, common prospect objections, ideal prospect profile, competitive facts, and lead data elements were all discussed. IMS then designed a call guide (script) and accompanying custom data entry screen.


Our client acquired a call list from a national internet-related publication. Brochures and emails were sent in advance by the client. IMS representatives received 1 day of training on how to use the call guide for this particular project. For each organization, representatives first located and then spoke with the best contact. Reps were prepared to overcome typical objections.


IMS reps did not sell. Our mission was to discover future internet service plans and to inform prospects of the basic details of the client's service. Interested prospects were asked if they would be receptive to a follow-up call. Those that were interested in the product, but not receptive to the follow-up call, were targeted for follow-up mailing.


Results: Using a 3 time attempt calling tactic, successful contacts were made at 3,200 of the sites on the list. The remainder either received a voice message or were unreachable. From the 3,200 reached, 786 were determined to be potential prospects for the client's service. From that group, 228 agreed to a follow-up phone call from an in-house sales rep. The client reported that in total, 27 of those calls resulted in a sale, with the average sale being approximately $14,000. Thus the total new sales generated were $378,000.


The total cost to the client to implement this program was $32,000. Because of successful results, and exceptional ROI, the program was authorized for continuation.


How To Get Started


Getting started is easy. With one phone call, we can begin developing a custom proposal, designed to precisely meet your objectives. In less than a few weeks, we could be on the phones, speaking to your prospects, gathering information and starting the sales process.


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